In 2017, A.I.T. Co. is pleased to announced that has imported some machines such as Braiding 4F-24 & 2D-8 Calender,etc. and installed the production line of braided packing under training of a German Company, Burgmann Packing Group. In order to utilized of local capability and avoiding of importing packing, AITCo is able to produce this high using product with different materials ( PTFE, Aramide, Graphite) in different dimensions ( 2.5*2.5- 25*25 mm) at factory NO 1.
Along to visit of AITCo’s manufacturing capabilities by Mr. Tilgner as managing director of Burgmann packing, an agreement signed based on long term cooperation in the field of producing various kinds of packing partnership in transferring knowhow, machineries and raw material.
It should be noted that, Burgmann Company also has partners in China, Ireland and Turkey and it has recently made it’s forth partner in Iran after granting exclusive representation to Atbin Ista.