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Atbin Ista Technical Company, abbreviated as A.I.T. Co., was founded and established by a handful of oil industry university graduates to manufacture fixed equipment needed in oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants in 2006 in Iran, established in 2007 and begun its activity by manufacturing sealing gaskets.

This company has a detailed plan in delivery, detailed cost calculation and constant monitoring of the engineering production which, in turn, enables it to improve the quality of its products and consequently increasing the customer demands and registered Atbin Ista in the list of four main manufacturing companies under supervision of Oil Ministry in a short time. This company is also an active member of the Society of Iranian Petroleum Industries Equipment Manufacturers (SIPIEM) and via its membership (code number: 1586) provides manufacturing services to other members of this forum.

Customer satisfaction, which is a value in this company in the establishment of quality management system (ISO 9001-2008), propel Atbin Ista to obtain the certification of management for manufacturing gaskets and supplying fixed equipment needed in industries such as pipes, tubes, flanges, sheets, fittings and other fixed and rotary equipment.

Atbin Ista Technical Company seeks its goals by implementation of management systems based on ISO 14001, ISO 18001, 1SO 9001: 2008 & ISO HSE. These goals include continuous improvement in quality management, increased levels of customer satisfaction, compliance with international standards, improving human resource capacities, increasing its market share and competitiveness, healthy work environment for peace and health of the employees. All the employees are committed to not only understanding these policies but also make them real.

Atbin Ista company has become a leader in the field of seal gasket production in a short time and by development of spiral wound gaskets, this company made other kinds of gasket and other products via the advanced technologies which raised this company as one of the leader companies in sealing world up to the point that so many reputable companies under the control of Oil Ministry and its dependent contractors registered Atbin Ista in their vendor list with full confidence for the quality of its products and even supply their needs from this company without any formal purchasing process  .

Atbin Ista has 75 expert personnel with high scientific knowledge who work in 3 fields:

  • Section of manufacturing different kinds of gasket in factories number 1 & 2 which has about 8000 square meters workshop and 40 expert personnel:
  • Spiral Wound Gasket
  • Flat Gasket ( Metallic & Non Metallic )                        
  • RTJ Gasket
  • Double Metal Jacketed Gasket
  • Insulating Gasket Kit                                                                                         
  • Kammprofile (Grooved ) Gasket
  • Pure Graphite Packing
  • Special Gasket



Procurement department of the company purchases raw material from CAZ SEAL Co. which is a Chinese company who is now the largest support for Atbin Ista by providing high quality raw material and training the personnel of Atbin Ista and could be of great importance in development of production and timely delivery of the goods. Here, we appreciate the efforts of Mr. Li Gang, managing director of the company, who is one of the master experts in the field of gasket. Also along to visit of AITCo’s manufacturing capabilities by Mr. Tilgner as managing director of Burgmann packing in 2016, an agreement signed based on long term cooperation in the field of producing various kind of packing partnership in transferring knowhow, machineries and raw material.
Moreover, they granted us the letter of an exclusive agency to sell various packing
It is hoped that by transferring the knowhow from Germany for manufacturing the qualified sealing products, there will not be any requirements for importing these products.

Of course, if the customers ask for raw material from the other countries, Atbin Ista is able to supply raw material from South Korea, Spain, South Africa, Slovenia, England and Japan.

Project control and planning system is the distinguishing aspects of Atbin Ista which is calculating appropriate delivery time by proper planning, inventory control and production capacity in one or more shifts and are the main success factors of the company in timely delivery which attracts customers’ trust.


The production plan of all the standard gaskets even non-standard gaskets which the production procedure is conforming to the standard, is under the control of experienced personnel of Quality Control department which will be also controlled by Quality Control Plan (QCP) in each step and also the production process of the gaskets can be monitored via the Inspection Test Plan (ITP) presented by the customer.

Other Distinctions of this company are storage system and goods operation needed for on time delivery of the raw material, proper packaging and risk-free transport of the merchandise

۲-Section of Repairing the machinery and manufacturing of the equipment in factory number 1 which has about 1500 square meters workshop and 12 expert personnel:

۲-۱-Repair and maintenance of different kinds of valve can be accomplished in factory number 1 or if the client asks, the employees will be sent to the site for overhaul or emergency in operating units.

This company helps its clients to save time and cost via relying on new issue finding techniques of CMM devices and Optic repairing method of the seat in industrial valves and production of specialized gaskets for these kinds of valve and eventually having hydrostatic tests before delivery. Such an example can be repairing butterfly valves for a number of petrochemical and power plant companies.

۲-۲-Repair of reciprocating or centrifugal pumps via sending experts to the site or in the factory workshop

۳-Commercial section in Tehran office with about 400 square meters area and 23 expert personnel

Immediate supply of “Shortage Material” in emergency projects for special material through stockpiles from prestigious European brands located in Dubai as follows:

  • Pipe ( Seamless – SAW- ERW) & Tube ( Carbon, Alloy & Stainless Steel )
  • Flange ( Carbon ، Alloy& Stainless Steel)
  • Fitting ( Butt weld & Forged in Carbon ، Low Alloy& Stainless Steel)
  • Valve ( Manual & Motorized : MOV, ESDV, LBV, DBB )
  • Insulating Joint
  • Plate: Carbon Steel , Stainless Steel , Alloy Steel ( St37 , St52 , 304 , 316L , 310S ,

      ۱ . ۴۸۴۱ , A516…)


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