Insulation Gasket Kit



Insulation kits are often used in petrochemical applications, electrically isolate two mating flanges to reduce the likelihood of creating a galvanic cell which would result in corrosion of the flanges and pipework. Insulation kits are also used to prevent the flow of electrostatic charge to reduce sparking in hazardous environments. These are typically used on offshore installations, seawater environments, chemical installations, oil refinery pipelines where the flanges need to be property to prevent leakage and also must be cathodically insulated. Flange Insulation Kits consist of an insulating gasket, some insulating sleeves and washers which are all correctly sized for the application and conveniently packaged to minimize the possibility of lost component parts during installation. Insulating gaskets may be specified as “E”, “F” and “D” type.


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