Kammprofile Gasket:


Kammprofile Gasket (Serrated Metallic Gasket) consist of a metal core, generally stainless steel with concentric grooves on both sides. A sealing layer is usually applied on either side and depending on the service duty. The material for this layer can be expanded graphite, PTFE, Asbestos free gasket sheeting material or some soft metal. It can be used without sealing layers to provide an excellent sealing but there is a risk of flange surface damage especially at high seating pressure. It is particularly suitable for applications where high temperature, pressure, and fluctuating conditions are encountered. Non-metal cover layers ensure that flanges are not damaged, even at extreme loads. This gasket is an ideal replacement for problem applications associated with jacketed gaskets, for heat exchangers, vessels and reactors and various flange connections.


▶ Can be used when there is insufficient bolt load to seal conventional gasket material

▶ Easy to handle and fit

▶ Suitable for a wide range of operating conditions

▶ The soft facing layer prevents damage to the mating flange

▶ Sealing is not sensitive to uneven bolt loading conditions

▶ Can be refurbished with a new facing layer and reused


▶ Heat exchanger and vessel applications

▶ High and low temperatures

▶ Pressures of up to 250 bar

▶ Low bolt loads

▶ Narrow flange widths

▶ Damaged flanges

Core Design:

Standard core design is parallel which offers the advantage of even stress distribution across the gasket face. Convex Kammprofile are also available which improved sealing properties compered to standard grooved profiles. The improvement is achieved by decreasing depth of the groove troughs towards the midpoint of the profile. The profiling is created as a step profile. The sealing layer made from soft, plastic deformable material creates a thicker padding at the profile center line than in internal and external zones. The layer thickness for graphite, aluminum and silver should be 0.5 mm and for PTFE 0.35 mm. The specific surface pressure is greatest at the profile center line, causing the sealing layers to flow well into the unavoidable irregularities and roughness on the flange surface. The soft sealing surfaces are easily and safely mounted on the convex shaped metal supporting surface with a nearly chlorine free adhesive.

There are no grooves which could be filled with adhesive. The soft sealing layers are completely supported by the smooth surface of the convex metal ring. In comparison to grooved gaskets, where adherence lines are on the crests, the convex surface offers a more secure adherence to the metal core even for sensitive soft sealing layers. To facilitate handling, mounting and preventing damage, backing edges protect the soft sealing layers. It is possible to provide aluminum or silver metal layers.

Corrugate Gasket:


Corrugated Metal Gasket can be manufactured in several types to meet the most demanding applications. It can be in different Shapes, including: Round, Oval, Rectangular, etc. It consists of a metal core with  concentric grooves on both sides and can be coated with expanded graphite, ceramic or PTFE layers with thicknesses from 0.5mm to 2mm.

The thickness of metal can be thinner, e.g. 3mm, 2mm, 1mm. 0,5mm, compared with AIT-KF-322, and the corrugation pitch is 3mm, 4mm, 5mm or 6mm depending on the width of the sealing face and size of gasket. The thickness (depth) of corrugation is approx. 1mm to 1.5 mm, depending on gasket size.

Corrugated gaskets without layer:

There are different types of metal gaskets, like flat, grooved, tongue and sectional ones. They are used where compressibility (elasticity) of sealing material is not required. The construction of such gaskets is based on the principle of different hardness of adjacent material.

These gaskets can be produced in shapes and there are almost no limitations concerning their size. The corrugated metal gaskets have been proven to be both reliable and cost- effective for the application on flanges and heads where bolt loading is sufficient. Their operation principle is based on different degrees of hardness of adjacent material. The sealing effect is produced by the constant load to which a gasket is exposed. They are used in applications, which require mechanical strength and thermal conductivity, as well as temperature and corrosion resistance.

Corrugated gaskets with soft layer:

Corrugated metal is covered with graphite, ceramic or PTFE layers. An additional finishing layer is applied depending on the requirements of the medium to be sealed. Such gaskets are used on uneven or distorted sealing surfaces, where more elastic materials with better sealing performance are needed. The corrugated metal gaskets with soft layer on both sides are used in low-pressure applications in large diameter flue gas ducts at high temperatures. The use of corrugated gaskets eliminates the problem of difficult handling with large nonmetal gaskets used in those applications. They are suitable for gas pipes and valve caps, or wherever acids, oils and chemicals are found.

They can be used at lower pressures.

General Properties:

▶Outstanding mechanical strength and thermal conductivity

▶Capable of withstanding high temperature

▶There are almost no limitations regarding size

▶Choice of insert metals easier

▶ Trouble-free for handling and installation even for large sizes


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