Spiral Wound Gasket



The Spiral Wound gasket is the most ideal type among the semi-metallic gaskets; thin V-shaped metallic plates and nonmetallic fillers are piled and winded in the spiral shape and both ends are welded. The gasket has a specific structure consisted of elastic metal and flexible filler and shows excellent gasket performance as described below:

▶ Possible use in high temperature and high pressure

▶ Excellent automatic adaption to the changes in operation conditions such as pressure, temperature, and vibration

▶ Excellent sealing property in terms of dimensions

▶ Excellent sealing property on the not-uniform flange surface

▶ Possible manufacturing of all kind of dimensions including circular and oval shapes

▶ Possible manufacturing of gaskets using hoop and filler to meet

specific operation conditions It can be used as the static sealing element of valve, pump, thermal exchanger, condensing tower, plain hole and manhole flange, etc. It has been widely applied in the fields of oil, gas petrochemical industries, mechanical manufactory, power station, metallurgy, shipbuilding, medical, nuclear power station and navigation, etc. The spiral wound gaskets can be manufactured with one or more metal jacketed bars in different shapes. Metal jacketed bars are welded and made of the same material as the spiral wounding. The standard thicknesses are 3.2, 4.5, 6.4 and 7.2mm.

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