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  • After foundation of maintenance department for oil, gas & petroleum industry, in the following of long-term goals, A.I.T.Co has started it’s activity in supplying equipment for Iranian power plants, and in accordance with, cooperation has started between Turbine Blades S.R.L (origin in Italy) in order to supply different types of equipment.(Read More)
  • The repair, maintenance and engineering unit of Atbin Ista Technical Co., based on the knowledge and experienced personnel with the aim of localizing maintenance operations of the equipment of the oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants of the country, has been able to help clients by provide consulting and Providing technical services. Therefore, the clients have expressed their satisfaction with the formal confirmation of the consent and the technical service provided by the company.(Read More)
  • Supplying of piping components for early production of temporary manifold plan (related to Project of South Yaran Oil Field)(Read More)
  • Registration of Atbin Ista Technical Co. in Isfahan Oil Refining Company’s Approved Vendor List (AVL)(Read More)
  • In 2017, A.I.T. Co. is pleased to announced that has imported some machines such as Braiding 4F-24 & 2D-8 Calender,etc. and installed the production line of braided packing under training of a German Company, Burgmann Packing Group. In order to utilized of local capability and avoiding of importing packing, AITCo is able to produce this high using product with different materials ( PTFE, Aramide, Graphite) in different dimensions ( 2.5*2.5- 25*25 mm) at factory NO 1. (Read More)
  • In 2016, A.I.T. Co. signed the exclusive sole agency agreement with Dalian Hengli Measure & Control Instrument Engineering Co. who is one of the leading automation & control valve manufacturer in China. (Read More)
  • In 2016, A.I.T. Co. after visiting a Okay Fluid LTD Machinery Co. and its capability in manufacturing of different types of industrial valves by Mr. Mosallat (Head of the Board & Managing Director of A.I.T. Co. ), an exclusive agreement has signed with. (Read More)
  • A.I.T. Co. has built factory NO.2 with about 1500 square meters workshop in order to developing the activity in terms of repairing the machinery and manufacturing of the equipment.
  • A.I.T. Co. has started its cooperation to Samiapala Engineering and Construction ( in order to producing various types of filters which are used in oil, gas and petroleum industries.
  • Along to visit of AITCo’s manufacturing capabilities by Mr. Tilgner as managing director of Burgmann packing in 2016, an agreement signed based on long term cooperation in the field of producing various kind of packing partnership in transferring knowhow, machineries and raw material.
    Moreover, they granted us the letter of an exclusive agency to sell various packing
    It is hoped that by transferring the knowhow from Germany for manufacturing the qualified sealing products, there will not be any requirements for importing these products.(Read More)
  • In 2016, A.I.T. Co. online shopping ( has founded to trade various types of insulation kits, Packings and O-Rings.
  • Atbin Ista Name was inserted in the MESC of products of South Pars Gas Complex Company
  • ISO certification was renewed(9001 - 2008)
  • Spiral gasket production passed the largest diameter of 4135mm in Iran.

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